App Zone Programme

Day 1 – Monday, 16th October

11:35 Welcome to the app zone
Infecting the world with apps: Making it happen

Liz Ashall-Payne, CEO and Founder, ORCHA

Liz will open this year’s App Zone with an overview of the landscape of apps in health and care.  She will provide the context for their use within our health system; looking at the potential gains of a country empowered to use apps to manage their own health.  She will outline the challenges that lie in the way of the adoption of such empowerment, and explain what ORCHA are doing to stimulate culture change within this particularly challenging and emotive subject area.
11:50 Do you have Tinnitus?  Are you struggling to cope?
Jane McFerran, Founder and CEO Aurio, Ltd

Aurio Soundscapes was developed by a Tinnitus sufferer to enable you to better manage the worst of your Tinnitus. There is NO cure, so Aurio gives you the tools to mask your tinnitus and helps you enjoy listening to music again – steering you along the road to “habituation”, the only real solution.
 13:15 Transforming lives with person-centred software
Heather Cook, Director of Client Services, Brain in Hand

Learn how councils, housing projects and NHS services are using person-centred software to transform the lives of those with autism and mental health conditions, such as Tina, and reduce demands on carers and services.  Find out how arming people with Brain in Hand technology is helping people achieve their potential; can free up support time; reduce demand on crisis services and save up to £4,500 to >£10,000 per person annually.
13:30 The real benefit on m-health to the health and care economy
Simon Leigh, Principal Consultant & Senior Health Economist, Lifecode Solutions

Simon will provide us with a deep dive into the tangible value of apps within our health and care systems – looking at clinical pathway impacts and the financial burdens app use can relieve.  He will introduce a range of statistics that demonstrate the need for apps as part of many of the most pressured clinical pathways, relating them to common conditions related to job type, for example.  To offer balance, he will also discuss the main blockers to app engagement, and the risks of over-reliance on apps.
13:45 Technology Enabled Behaviour Change – Really?
Stuart Jackson, CEO Founder, ICE

What do you do when you deploy technology, but people don’t use it properly and then blame the technology/app, and you feel deflated, frustrated, gurrhhh! What if there is another way, working with the brain in mind, we will explore simple to deploy techniques and share experiences of what works and why…
15:15 The health and care app market:  the real opportunity
Nicky Runeckles, Business Development Director, ORCHA

Nicky will take us through the state of play with the health and care app market; giving us insight into the changes she’s seen so far, and the changing priorities and demands on the horizon.  She will draw on her experiences from her various roles within the mhealth sector to provide an informative and insightful presentation relevant if you’re an app developer, commissioner or user.

Day 2 – Tuesday, 17th October

11:00 Developing standards for the validation and assurance of health and wellbeing apps
Simon Leigh, Principal Consultant & Senior Health Economist, Lifecode Solutions

Simon will open Day 2 of the App Zone by talking us through the ever-changing landscape of health and wellbeing app standards.  Using a breadth of real life examples, he’ll demonstrate why consistent validation is so vital – and the implications of what happens when standards are ignored…!
11:15 How anyone can make an app in 2017
Ali Abdaal, Medical Student at Cambridge University, UI designer and Web Developer at Lister

If you’re interested in the idea of starting your own startup or building your own app, you’ll like this talk. Ali will take us through how to come up with ideas for apps, how and why everyone should learn a bit of code, and how to combine the two to make a minimum viable product that you can pitch to investors.
12:45 Bringing digital apps to the fore to assist Children’s well-being
Tracy Gladman, Education and Business Manager, Worrinots

There’s too much negative press about Technology having a detrimental impact on children and young people. Tracy will explain how the Worrinots have developed the very first secure app specifically for children to be able to share their worries, fears and concerns in a safe environment.
13:00 PanicGO
Stephen Bradbury, Chief Executive, PanicGO Ltd

PanicGO – a new alarm and monitoring system for lone workers, summoning help by the single discreet press of a Bluetooth control button. It enables employers to exercise duty of care cost effectively and powerfully.
13:15 DE-press-ON
Colin Radcliffe, CEO, Radacol Ltd

Colin will tell us about his personal experiences, and his journey towards DE-press-ON; an app in the making, focused on helping people who are fighting depression increase awareness to the destructive tendencies of this prolific disorder, and fight the stigma associated with it.
13:30 Dr Julian – can an app really help solve the UK mental health crisis?
Philippa Weitz, Psychotherapy Director, Dr Julian Medical Group

Dr Julian is a platform that has been set up to improve accessibility to mental healthcare. It allows seamless access to qualified, vetted, online trained mental health professionals via secure video link from a phone/ tablet.
15:15 Top ten tips for app development
Doug Hopkins, Implementations Manager, ORCHA

Closing this year’s App Zone presentations, Doug will give an insight into what makes an exceptional app – and give us ORCHA’s ‘Top Ten Tips for Development’.  Covering everything from the importance of ensuring your content and advice remains up-to-date through to why you need a privacy policy, you’ll leave knowing exactly what to include in your app (or what to look for when downloading an app!).