Protect your TECS Ecosystem

July 29, 2019 12:39 pm

For many years, manufacturers and service providers in the ‘analogue world’ have been working together to provide a GSM alternative to ensure that vulnerable people could be looked after with confidence when no telephone line was available. Mobile is now the preferred choice for connecting TECS devices to a Monitoring Centre.

With the ongoing upgrade of our national telecoms infrastructure (due to be completed by 2025), it is paramount that the TECS Sector fully embrace the transition from analogue to digital to ensure vulnerable people don’t lose the technology currently keeping them safe.

Currently, 99% of all TECS systems are connected to a monitoring centre using an analogue connection. However, with the current upgrades meaning that analogue protocols are becoming less reliable, the TECS Sector needs to make the move to upgrade from analogue (mobile and PSTN) to Mobile IP as soon as possible.

At CSL, we are invested in supporting the upgrade of the TECS Sector from analogue to Mobile IP and are now offering the highest level of data security. CSL’s Private APN and IPSec VPN ecosystem creates a private network for all data sessions between your TECS devices and the Monitoring Centre.

This free service overcomes any IT concerns around restricted firewall access and port forwarding, whilst data is also encrypted as standard to ensure it is GDPR compliant. A private static Mobile IP address allows a connection to a Monitoring Centre without interfering with any existing IT infrastructure.

As part of the transition from Analogue to Mobile IP, CSL Connected Partners have already been provided with this IPsec VPN which they use for all ‘over the air’ programming of their devices. This includes leading TECS Manufacturers and fellow TSA Members.

CSL’s service ensures that the data from any vulnerable person is secure, as well as safeguarding the infrastructure of the Monitoring Centre so that it is also protected in the digital age.

For more information please contact:

Max Stevens
Key Accounts Manager M2M
+ 44 (0) 7741260887