The Benefits of Digital

August 22, 2019 11:25 am

By 2025, across the UK, every single telephone line will have been upgraded from analogue to digital. This change comes following BT’s announcement of their plans to shut down their PSTN network, impacting everyone currently using analogue telephone services in the UK.

For many within our TECS sector, this change feels enforced on us by the telecoms giants and has led to understandable concern. Despite this, many also see the potential this switch offers, with the exciting and transformative opportunities it presents us. If we embrace the change, digital technology can enable us to provide a better service to vulnerable people.

Now that there is a little more clarity across the sector about what the transition means, it is important that we take advantage of these benefits:

  • Speed – calls connecting to the monitoring centre will be faster which offers better protection for vulnerable people. 30 seconds for DTMF vs 2 seconds for SCAIP. This amount of time could be the difference between life and death.
  • Over the Air upgrades – units can be re-programmed or new features added remotely. Not only does this mean that that there is a cost saving factor, but this upgrade will provide added service for vulnerable people – local authorities will get additional contact with their vulnerable person, whilst maintaining existing scheduled site visits.
  • Polling – ability to monitor whether units are working and receive notifications if they lose connection, this will give us confidence that vulnerable people are always protected.
  • Flexibility – the ability to reprogramme devices over the air will mean that calls can be directed to different places at different times or allow for temporary monitoring when family members are on holiday.
  • Data, analysis and insight – we will have the ability to be proactive with the additional information digital will provide, meaning it will be possible to intervene before an issue arises.

Whilst the transition from analogue to digital has been forced upon us by the telecoms companies, it will offer us fantastic opportunities to improve our service to vulnerable people. With the upgrade of telecoms infrastructure, analogue signalling protocols are becoming less reliable, so now is the time to switch to digital so that the sector can continue to ensure that vulnerable people can be protected with confidence.

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