Disruption of the TEC market is inevitable

March 9, 2021 2:22 pm

So what’s stopping us go fully digital? Asks Founder & CEO at Yorcoms Group and Yorbl Technologies

Getting away from the traditional ‘box based’ legacy mindset which is holding back the industry’s true advance into the new Digital Age (and all its benefits), is in my mind the biggest challenge we are facing at the moment.  However, I believe 2021 will see that start to change, with app or software based Digital Telecare and Health solutions starting to take over from the traditional ‘badges of infirmity’ that the older type of dispersed alarm units and wearables are increasingly seen as.

Taking this leap will enable both service providers and end users to genuinely enhance and advance their capabilities and services in time with advances in technology.  This is something that is simply impossible when stuck with a traditional hardware based solution with an almost enforced “Shelf Life” of many years.  A software based solution enables a rapidity of development and deployment of new technology that just isn’t possible with one that is hardware based.

Even more importantly, this advance will facilitate further and deeper linking with other technologies such as IOT Sensors, Wearables, AI, Analytics etc. providing all those involved in the delivery of health and care services with the ability to access, visualise and process essentially “real time” data that will, in turn, enable such things as “Predictive Care” and “Behavioural Analysis” to revolutionise both the quality and efficiency of those services whilst, at the same time, facilitating dramatic reductions in the cost of delivering them.

These advances may provoke hesitancy about the disruptive new players and new technologies entering the market. Fortunately, I can personally vouch for the fact that an increasing number across the UK are proactively looking to the future and actively investigating this new breed, with trials of the new technologies taking place across the UK this year.

As such, I would counsel providers to take a pause in their upgrade activities for the 2025 changeover to do the same before committing to legacy style technology that could genuinely shackle them and the services they deliver, to the past for many years to come.

Even with all the serious challenges we are facing at the moment, 2021 will see TECS playing an increasingly significant role in helping Health and Care providers weather the storm.

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