What I can see on the horizon for TEC

March 9, 2021 12:28 pm

Samantha Watkins, MD at Delta Wellbeing is witnessing first-hand integration of TEC into health and care services in Wales but says will be held back by lack of interoperability

“Value-based healthcare”

These are real buzz words at the moment. We have an opportunity to add real value into the health agenda and merge the telecare and telehealth technologies into one holistic offer rather than being seen as standalone type service.

Health is really focused on developing quality data to inform planning and prioritisation of future activities.  The TEC industry is really innovating in this field with predictive technology such as ARMED. Though without true interoperability optimising the outcomes will be held back.

Supporting integration of Health & Social Care

We’re finding in our locale in Wales that health & social care services are really starting to focus on a holistic approach to individuals’ needs.  They understand they can’t do things in isolation.  Therefore, monitoring centres across the UK have an amazing opportunity to be the conduit to a range of interventions across both these areas as they can be the enablers of prevention, wellbeing and independence through the TEC – the challenge to this will be the interoperability of the TEC to the monitoring platform to enable monitoring centres to safely monitor all the various TEC at scale.

Interoperability, Innovation & Agility

Covid has made commissioners within the health and social care accelerate the pace of adoption of technology enabled care and they have seen that the TEC industry can be agile when it needs to be.  I think there will now be an expectation as we come out of the pandemic that we will continue to be agile and creative in the solutions we provide.  I strongly feel there will be a shift in the market and those that are open to driving innovation through collaboration at pace will really start to reap the benefits and those that want to remain within their own traditional boundaries will fail.

Hear how Sam has led true system change in proactive and preventative care in Wales with Carmarthenshire Council

Day One, March 22: 14:30 – 15:30, Parallel Session 1, Main Auditorium