The Workforce of the Future

March 11, 2021 10:30 am

Helen Blythe, Head of Workforce Development, TSA

Working in an evolving industry can be challenging. With more people than ever before using technology to monitor and support their health and wellbeing, there has never been a greater need to ensure your workforce have the skills and knowledge to adapt. The decisions we make now about upskilling our people defines the abilities of the sector in the future. With a rapidly ageing population, citizens who are now far more digitally aware and capable, and challenges in the form of staff shortages and increases in dementia sufferers, the time has come to do something different.

At this years ITEC conference, TSA will be bringing together voices from across the sector to share the importance of developing your workforce, what you need to consider and how to practically give your people the mindset, confidence and capability to embrace, recommend and use technology in their work. You will consider the importance of creating the right environment for technology enabled care to thrive, ultimately giving you the foundations to provide practical, life-enriching and affordable care. Join us for our workforce conference session on the afternoon of March 24 to learn more.

The link between quality standards and workforce skills is key to ensuring the provision of good quality, person centred services for our citizens. We will explore an understanding of how these two services are aligned, how we have been working with organisations, and what exciting new developments will be launched in the coming months. There will be an opportunity to meet with us to discuss your specific requirements, and to answer any of your questions.

Day two: 15:45 – 16:45, Parallel Session 3, Breakout Theatre
How Quality Standards and Workforce strategy are key to Transformation and Continuous Improvement in any organisation