Awards Categories

The categories for the 2019 ITEC Awards are:

Innovation in TEC Award
Has your organisation developed an innovative TEC product or service over the last year? We are looking for TEC examples which have proceeded through some early trials and are ready for further development and wider use. Effective examples of digital innovation would be co-produced with users, carers and practitioners and show early evidence of improving individual health and care outcomes.

Integrated TEC Services Award
Has your organisation incorporated TEC within a joined-up, connected setting, for instance, covering health, housing, social care and other services (e.g. Fire and Rescue Services, Ambulance and Paramedic Services)? We are looking for TEC service examples where care has been digitally coordinated across sectors, across organisations or across teams that use timely data sharing to improve outcomes for users and patients as well as providing joined-up information for decision-making by practitioners and service providers.

Individual TEC Leadership Award
Does someone in your organisation demonstrate outstanding TEC leadership skills?We are looking for standout individuals that have a positive approach to developing and exploring the use of digital TEC products and services to improve outcomes for users, patients and carers. These are individuals that involve and empower stakeholders and develop workforce strategies. They build on successes and learn from failures, constantly looking to improve quality and cost-effectiveness. 

For 2019 we are looking for two stand out leaders in TEC:

  1. A strategic leader that can influence and shape their organisation and the sector as a whole;
  2. An operational leader that is steering their team/organisation to strive to succeed

Impact in TEC Team Award
Does your organisation support and develop winning TEC teams that go the extra mile? We are looking for top teams that make a difference. They could be commissioners or developers, assessors or responders, care planners or technicians, or multi-disciplinary teams. They could work in the same building or across organisations. They can even work virtually.

International TEC Award
Does your organisation provide Innovative TEC products and services outside of the UK? We are looking for UK suppliers and service providers that also work overseas, overseas organisations that work in the UK or organisations that work purely outside the UK but have something truly different to offer. We’re looking for organisations that leverage TEC for the benefits of users, patients, carers as well as practitioners.


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