Breakout Sessions – Wednesday 16th, 15:30 – 16:30

Breakout Session 1

Citizen Powered Technological enablement
Hear how person-centred and outcomes focused, digital solutions are leading the way and emerging as digital exemplars.

Presentation 1 – Smart Living Solutions: delivering mainstream adoption of digital telecare within housing
Tim Barclay, CEO, Appello

How do we push the boundaries of digital telecare and technology, to ensure that everyone one realises the benefits? Appello are taking many housing providers across the UK on their digital telecare journey. Our Smart Living Solutions have become the de-facto digital solution for providers of communal living. This presentation will provide insight into how and why to develop a digital telecare programme that ensures all your residents feel the tangible benefits of digital telecare.

Presentation 2 – Data leading the way in falls prevention and independent living
Brian Brown, Director of ARMED, HAS Technology Ltd

Developed by HAS Technology, ARMED (Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection) combines pioneering predictive data analytics modelling, innovative wearable technology and Health and Social Caredata.

This innovative technology identifies and predicts factors that may impact on care user’s quality of life, including their risk of falling.

Join Brian as he discusses how Loreburn Housing Association saw zero falls over a six-month period by utilising ARMED. Has this trend continued over one year of use?

Presentation 3 – Sunderland Councils Approach to Assistive Technology & It’s IOT National Test Bed Pilot
Wayne Scott, Assistive Technology Prescribing Team Leader, Sunderland City Council
Dave Young, Deputy Strategic Change Manager, Sunderland City Council

The Session aims to share Sunderland’s approach to assistive technology and how consumer technology is being utilised in early intervention/prevention and meeting care needs.

The session will also provide an overview of the recent Internet Of Things National Test Bed Pilot. The pilot saw the installation of four sets of IOT sensors, which addressed four key user concerns of moving around in the home, nutrition and hydration, monitoring mood and managing medication. The sensors data was then displayed in a meaningful way, to family carers and professional care staff.  The results of which we aim to share with delegates.

Breakout Session 2

Citizen Powered Markets
Hear how rapidly developing digital technologies can be made available more widely to help a greater number of people to manage their health & wellbeing, offering reassurances to users and reducing the pressures on the NHS, housing and social care.

Presentation 1 – Brain In Hand: cost-effective digital technology-enabled care
Paul Allis, Business Development Director at Brain in Hand

Securing financial stability must be a top priority for care services facing growing funding gaps and stretched budgets. At the same time, quality of care cannot suffer – so how is this to be achieved? Services are implementing Brain in Hand’s digital framework to extend their resources and save money while improving outcomes for service users; in this session we’ll share one council’s story of supporting people to greater independence.

Presentation 2 – Consumerisation of mobile telecare
Andrew McIntosh, Business Development Manager – Europe, Freeus LLC

Mobile telecare solutions have transformed the US market and contributed significantly to sustained market growth over the last 6 years. We look at how this consumer driven market developed so successfully and provide insights to those looking to unlock similar growth.

Freeus is a leading developer and manufacturer of mobile telecare solutions, supporting hundreds of thousands of individuals to maintain their independence and gain rapid access to emergency response when they are in need.

Presentation 3 – Improving Outcomes, Enhancing Care: Assistive Technologies and the case for a Sector Deal for the Learning Disability Sector
Kevin Anderson, UK Marketing Director, Tunstall Healthcare
Sarah Weston, Innovation Manager, Hft

The learning disability sector is the fastest growing part of social care in England. This is meaning that a growing percentage of the population are needing more expensive care and support for longer, at a time when local authorities are seeing their spending power reduced.  The Learning Disabilities Sector Deal proposal outlines the ways in which TEC can address these challenges, improving outcomes and realising the economic potential of the sector.

Breakout Session 3

Workforce Development for Technology Enabled Care
Dawn Thornber, Operations and Training Manager, TSA
Jill Thompson Strategic Lead Manchester City Council
Rupert Lawrence Head of Worcestershire Telecare

TSA’s Learning and Education journey has come a long way since it began back in 2017. TSA is here to support and develop knowledge and skills for people working with technology enabled care, both for the TEC sector workforce, and for other health and social care professionals to build confidence and understanding of the use of TEC in their roles.

As the landscape of TEC evolves and the demands on the knowledge base of workforce development increases, TSA can actively help and support the workforce development within any healthcare and public sector setting.

Come along to hear about the latest developments in the learning, education and training around the delivery of technology enabled care and give your feedback on what support you require in the future programme.

Find out about the new and exciting NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Technology-Based Solutions in Care

During this session delegates will receive an overview on:
-An overview of TSA learning and education provision and how TSA are working to develop recognised qualifications in the industry
-The strategic importance of workforce development
-Feedback and Aspirations – An interactive discussion on the future developments of learning and education to support the delivery of Technology Enabled Care

Breakout Session 4

Creating A Digital Community – A How-to Guide
Darren Hart, Digital Director, t&s creative communications

You’ve been told you have to engage more with social but you don’t know where to start, why you should be doing it, how you will find the time and what the pitfalls are.

As a team who manage over 300 social media accounts across a wide range of industries including TEC and the wider care sector we will guide you through our process for finding the right channels to talk to your decision makers and service users, how to compose the correct content to get them to engage and build the kind of community that helps spread the  message of Technology Enabled Care.

To make things more interesting and relevant to you we’ll run a question and answer session and also an interactive run through of a typical campaign, there will be a prize for the best concept.

By the end of the talk you will have all the tools to create a digital community and run successful campaigns all in less than an hour.