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are global experts in electrical and digital building infrastructures, with a presence in over 90 countries. The Assisted Living & Healthcare business unit specialises in creating innovative technology based care solutions for health, housing and social care sectors through our brands Tynetec, Jontek and Aid Call.

In this day and age, we’re all living longer and as a consequence, the care and health services we rely upon need to change in order to support more effectively, those who are vulnerable or at risk.

Tynetec’s digitally enabled at-home alarms and telecare devices work seamlessly together to empower individuals in their own homes. Our grouped living and access control systems are designed to ensure that local authorities and housing associations have flexible future proofed support for their residents. And we also offer a true digital end to end solution with our Jontek monitoring and response center software.

Aidcall has been a leading manufacturer of wireless nurse call technology for over 40 years, Aid Call’s wireless nurse call solution greatly reduces installation cost and minimises disruption. Wireless configuration offers complete flexibility and mobility, which makes our system infinitely changeable and expandable, allowing for the constant ability to deal with ever changing priorities and demands.

For further information please visit: www.tynetec.co.uk

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Contact Email: Kathryn.burton@legrand.co.uk




PPP Taking Care help older adults and the vulnerable to live independently in their own homes for longer.  For more than 30 years, our personal alarm service has provided peace of mind and security to customers and their families across the UK.

As part of AXA PPP healthcare, customers benefit from our healthcare expertise and the resilience that our thee industry-leading UK-based Emergency Resolution Centres deliver. Providing 24 hour support in any emergency, our caring and compassionate teams resolve thousands of alarm calls every year. On average, our teams answer alarm calls within 6 seconds to deliver a life-saving service.

We’re trusted to deliver the Age UK personal alarm service, and in 2019 took over the running and management of Chichester Careline from Chichester District Council. This means we now provide telecare for customers of several local authorities and housing associations. As well as staff receiving Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends training, we’re members of the TSA and have achieved Cyber Essentials, TEC Quality and ISO 9001 certification.

For further information please visit: www.ppptakingcare.co.uk/

Twitter: @ppptakingcare

Contact Email: enquiries@ppptakingcare.co.uk

Doro Care is the global market leader in digital social care solutions. We offer organisations complete, secure and quality-assured telecare systems for older and vulnerable people, covering everything from hardware and software to monitoring and support.

Our smart digital products and services support users, staff and relatives in their daily routines so that safety and efficiency is assured. All our social care solutions are tailored to market needs and are easy to install and operate. By developing innovative new products and solutions in collaboration with our customers, we help older and vulnerable people stay at home and live independently for longer. Welbeing and Centra Pulse are now both owned by Doro.

About Doro – Doro develops telecom products and services for seniors to lead full and rich lives: to do things they want to do more easily as well as the things they thought they might never do. The global market-leader in senior mobile phone, Doro offers easy-to-use mobile phones and smartphones, mobile applications, fixed line telephony with loud and clear sound. Within Doro Group, Doro Care offers social care and telecare solutions for elder and disabled persons for independent and safe living in their own homes.

For further information please visit: https://care.doro.co.uk/

Twitter: @Doro_Care

Contact Email: Charlene.saunders@doro.com

CSL has been involved in the TECS Sector for many years, working with manufacturers and service providers to provide a mobile alternative in the analogue world. We ensure that vulnerable people can be looked after with confidence when no telephone line is available.

As the TECS Sector transitions from analogue to digital, CSL are providing end-to-end private networks for delivering Social Care Alarm Internet Protocol (SCAIP) over Mobile IP. CSL’s IPSEC VPNs ensure that all data traffic from Dispersed Alarm units is secure whilst protecting Monitoring Centre networks. CSL’s patented Roaming Algorithm is available to our Partner Manufacturers, ensuring that TECS products will connect to the best available network, increasing reliability for vulnerable end users.

For further information please visit: www.csl-group.com/uk/products/tec-sims

Twitter: @CSLGroupLtd

Contact Email: max.stevens@csl-group.com