Virtual Conference Top Tips

Getting to know the platform

When you access the platform for the first time, we recommend that you set up your profile, including uploading a photo of yourself. This will allow other visitors to see who you are. Having a detailed profile will aid in networking, as you’ll be able to connect with people who have the same specific interests.

Take some time to explore the conference platform, we’ve designed the platform to be as simple as possible, however it’s worth spending some time looking around, so you are aware of the different areas and what you can do. If you have questions, don’t forget the help desk is there for you.

How to get the most out of your time

Plan your time and add key time slots to your calendar. Be fully aware of the conference programme, knowing the key sessions that you really don’t want to miss. Make sure you block those times in your calendars so that you’ll be sure to attend them. We know how busy you can be, so this forward planning will really help you maximise your time over the conference.

Factor in specific time for networking and viewing the exhibition stand. We have 27 exhibitors joining us at the conference and they’ll be showcasing the latest innovation services and solutions, spending time each day to explore the exhibition will be valuable to you to help expand your awareness and knowledge of what is possible.

How to stay connected

Be proactive – utilise the platform to search the attendee list and reach out to other visitors. Just like at a face to face conference the networking times will be key, valuable conversations can be had over a coffee, so make sure you are connecting with other like minded visitors, send them a message and arrange to have a video call with them. Just because we are at a virtual conference doesn’t mean that we still cant connect and expand our networks and knowledge

Check out the TSA Networking Hub and see if there are any hosted sessions that you feel you can contribute to or learn from. It’s our wish to make the Networking Hub an experience rich, innovative space where ideas can be shared, allowing groups of people to come together to discuss in an informal open online meeting environment.

Utilise the Social Wall. Anyone can post messages and pictures on the wall, and as a visitor you may want to pose questions to other visitors, you may want to connect with other colleagues that do the same job role and the social wall can help you to facilitate this. Don’t forget to use hashtag #ITECconf21 in your tweets 🙂