Why Virtual?

The global pandemic has forced us to think differently about the way in which we can communicate to our stakeholders. During 2020, TSA has successfully switched its full events programme to a virtual offering, and at the same time we have seen the demand for our virtual events grow, and our attendance levels increased.

Throughout this pandemic a light has been shone on Technology Enabled Care and we know there is the appetite to learn and share best practice during these challenging times. TSA are fully embracing technology to offer our stakeholders the opportunity to come together, at a time when the focus on Technology Enabled Care has never been stronger.

We’ve worked incredibly hard to ensure that the ITEC Virtual Conference offers an all round experience that is truly interactive.  Just like a face-to-face conference, you will have the choice of attending live sessions across multiple stages, and the ability to easily network with each other, and with our virtual exhibitors via live messaging and live video interactions.

With a Virtual Conference we are expecting to reach a much wider audience than ever before and we look forward to welcoming attendees from across the globe, there is no better time to understand the impact that Technology Enabled Care can have on the lives of our citizens.

Now is the time to secure your place! View our delegate fees here and Secure your pass now for the Virtual Experience