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Abilia UK Ltd

Abilia has had a presence in the UK for over 40 years, we are now bringing the to the UK market our range of Cognition solutions, designed to support people who struggle with time perception, starting or planning tasks, memory and problem solving. We support people with Autism, ADHD, Learning Disability, Dementia, Brain Acquired Injury & Stroke.

Anywhere Care Limited

Anywhere Care provides cost effective mobile TEC solutions that give freedom, independence and reassurance to users, both inside and outside the home. Our customers include individual users, social care providers and lone working groups with a wide range of different requirements. As part of Anywhere Group, we are uniquely able to integrate devices, sims and management solutions to deliver robust, resilient services to meet our customers’ needs.


Appello blend specialist people in our award-winning monitoring centre, with innovative, digital Technology Enabled Care services. We partner with housing and care organisations to provide life safety and wellbeing services that help organisations to deliver better outcomes - ones that improve the lives of their customers and residents. All our services are enhanced with the Appello Cloud, our range of cloud hosted applications which enable you to benefit from of a digital era of Technology Enabled Care.

Argenti Care Technology

Argenti is a UK’s leading TECS consortium led by PA Consulting. It delivers innovative care technology services in partnership with local authorities in Hampshire, Barnet, Essex and Dorset. Argenti’s conceptually different approach to TECS drives sustainable transformation of social care. Argenti brings together council commissioners who recognise the importance of commissioning for outcomes, PA’s expertise in change management and benefits realisation, best of breed provider partners Appello and Red Alert, as well as leading service innovators including AWS, Brain in Hand and Oysta.

ARMED (HAS Technology)

ARMED (Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection) is an innovative prevention and self-management solution. ARMED combines pioneering predictive analytics modelling with innovative wearable technology, and health and social care data, providing a powerful tool to identify risks (including risk of falling), earlier in the care cycle.


AutonoMe enables Local Authorities and service providers to deliver better support by combining technology with people. A specialist skills provider in enabling independence AutonoMe compliments pre-existing support plans and staffing. Since inception AutonoMe has delivered over 11,000 hours of support to more than 400 users across 25 partners. 

Caburn Solutions Ltd

We are a leading wireless connectivity and mobile solution provider for the telecare, lone worker and health sectors. Providing secure and resilient multi-network capability, enhanced service monitoring, national numbers, data encryption and approved telephone numbers. We also help manage SIM deployments, lifecycles, and costs, via our extensive management portals.

Canary Care Limited

Canary Care offer a smart home monitoring system which is trusted by over 100 Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, commercial housing and care organisations and various charities across the UK. We use sensors which monitor movement, temperature, light levels and door & visitor activity to ensure that your resident is safe at home, maintaining their activities of daily living and giving you insight into their lives so that small problems don’t become bigger issues. Come and talk to us on the stand to find out more.


Cascade3d® has a wealth of experience delivering digital assistive technology in a wide range of settings, supporting families, carers and health professionals with proactive insights to improve outcomes for the people they care for. The Cascade3d analytics technology enable us to transform the way we manage early intervention pathways and integrate families and friends into well-informed 24/7 care and responder services. Cascade3d brings voice and video interaction into everyday life; everything from medication reminders, photos, music and news to connecting with family and friends helping reduce loneliness and anxiety.


Established in 2000 from NZ and with offices in the UK, Chiptech are a privately-owned company specialising in the design and manufacture of high-quality digital telecare and mPERS products that help people maintain their health, independence and safety. Use of advanced technology ensures that Chiptech are at the forefront of the digital transformation.

Chubb UK

CareUnity® Digital by Chubb, a new dispersed alarm unit that supports the latest 4G technology. Designed to encourage independent living, CareUnity® Digital sets new standards for technology enabled care ensuring the home environment is monitored 24 hours a day. A wide range of customisable features makes CareUnity® Digital one of the safest and most reliable care alarm for your customers varied needs. It also supports a variety of other sensor devices including pendant and fall triggers, bed and chair sensors, door keypads and many more!

Consortium Procurement

Consortium Procurement is a not-for-profit membership body with a portfolio of over 400 members across the whole of the UK. We have provided public sector bodies with a compliant and trusted procurement route for 30+ years. This has led to us collectively saving our members around £10m each year.


Doro is a technology company focused on older and vulnerable people. We develop services and products for people to live independent, fulfilling lives. Our wide portfolio of security and care solutions connect generations and provide solutions for independent living, both inside and outside the home. We manufacture smart, easy-to-use technology and deliver care services, enabled by this technology, through three companies that comprise Doro Care in the UK – Centra, Eldercare and Welbeing.


Enovation provides the UMO system for monitoring technology enabled care, both analogue and digital telecare devices. Enovation UMO is used by over 350 centres to provide monitoring services to 1.5 million elderly and vulnerable people. Enovation also provides as a range of products for the healthcare sector including secure email and secure chat for health & social care professionals. Enovation delivers 10 billion secure messages in the health professional community every year


Everon are committed to innovate and continually build digital, wireless, cloud-based warden call and nurse call systems and care safety equipment for all vulnerable groups including those with dementia, or learning difficulties, which is truly person centred and contributes to a better standard of living by delivering a proactive solution.

Legrand Assisted Living & Healthcare

Legrand are global experts in electrical and digital building infrastructures, with a presence in over 90 countries. Tynetec, Aid Call and Jontek are the three brands that combine to from Assisted Living & Healthcare, which specialises in creating innovative technology based care solutions for health, housing and social care services.


Medequip are TSA TEC Quality Accredited providers of Community Equipment Services. As part of our integrated approach to service provision we now offer technology enabled care services through our Medequip Connect division. Our considerable experience in both contracted services and self-funded solutions direct to customers is now being extended to our telecare and response service delivered by Medequip Connect. Come and talk to us about our fresh proactive approach to technology enabled care solutions.

NRS Healthcare

NRS Healthcare technology enabled care service can provide a full clinically-led end-to-end service and support you in transforming how you use technology within care pathways, support you with cultural change and introduce you to a broad range of innovative care technologies. We offer a full clinically led end to end service covering service transformation, triage, assessment, installation, monitoring and response. The service can be tailored to your own needs, situation and aims. We will deliver this to you as a lead provider.

Oysta Technology Limited

At Oysta we care about improving lives of Vunerable independent People (VIP). Bringing together mobile technology with the latest digital communication systems we provide easy to install data rich systems. Our range of solutions all link to the innovative Oysta IntelliCare platform enabling us to support greater confidence and independence for vulnerable people of all ages and abilities.


Pivotell supply a range of medication and daily living reminders, for those with mild confusion to dementia, and severe cognitive impairment. Pivotell Automatic Pill Dispensers are widely used by Health and Social Care professionals as part of a care package for those who have difficulty remembering to take their medication.

Possum Limited

In 2021 Possum Ltd celebrate 60 years of being leaders in Assistive Technology (AT). Possum continue to develop and supply bespoke innovative AT solutions across the Telecare, GPS, Dementia, Learning Disability, Epilepsy and Care Home sectors to enhance the lives of our clients.

Supra UK t/a The Key Safe Company

A trading name of Supra UK, we are leading access experts, positively breaking boundaries and setting new standards of innovation, product quality and customer service. More than 2 million people trust our key safes which allow vulnerable people to receive care in their homes. KeySafes are a vital component of care packages.

T&S Creative Communications

T&S Creative Communications is proud to be the design/creative partner for the International Technology Enabled Care Conference 2021. We’re a friendly creative agency, based in Bristol, with clients throughout the UK and beyond. We have a proud history of delivering marketing solutions in the healthcare industry covering all aspects from recruitment to retail across all the touchpoints, whether offline or digital. Come and have a chat with the team at the forthcoming conference about #FreeCREATIVE; a unique opportunity to win a share of 200 hours of #FreeCREATIVE time.      

Taking Care

Taking Care a subsidiary of AXA Health, has been providing technology enabled care services for more than 30 years. Since 2008 alone, we have helped 170,000 people stay safe in their homes, supporting customers and their families across the UK. As a collaborative partner, we ensure Technology Enabled Care (TEC) secures positive outcomes for people, supporting them to live healthy and independent lives whilst reducing the demand on supported services.

Tunstall Healthcare

Tunstall has been at the forefront of technology innovation for health, housing and social care for over 60 years. It’s pioneering software, hardware and services enable new delivery models which can transform community-based health and social care and enable people to live independently and with an improved quality of life.

Vayyar Home

Vayyar Home is the world’s first remote monitoring system based on 4D imaging radar. The solution protects seniors in residential and community settings, providing 24/7 automatic fall detection without the need for cameras, wearables, buttons or cords. Supporting a range of integration and installation options, Vayyar Home also provides rich data used to identify activity patterns and signs of deteriorating health, enabling partners and elderly care communities to create citizen-centred fall prevention and care strategies that flag up heightened risk and support early intervention to minimise hospitalisation rates.

Yorbl Technologies

Yorbl's innovative range of Digitally Enabled Care and SMART Assisted Living solutions are designed to be digital from the ground up and, unlike other products, ensure your customer's homes and the services you deliver are fit for the 21st Century, including the unique Yorbl Vita, the world's first App based Digital Telecare solution. Contact us today on 0330 122 1091 or go to www.yorbl.com