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2iC-Care is bringing the world’s most advanced interoperability, IOT solution to the social care sector. The platform is mature and proven over 10 years in highly sensitive and secure environments in the UK, USA, Australia, and New Zealand. We offer discrete monitoring, both in the home and out, and the identification of incidents and warnings through interoperability between the widest range of device types, manufacturers, and wireless communications. Using an open-source, published protocol we seek to democratise social care.

Abilia UK Ltd

Abilia has had a presence in the UK for nearly 50 years, we are now bringing the to the UK market our range of Cognition solutions, both low-tech and digital, designed to support people who struggle with time perception, starting or planning tasks, memory and problem solving. We support people with Autism, ADHD, Learning Disability, Dementia, Brain Acquired Injury & Stroke Rehabilitation.

Adaptive IT – Part of the CLB group

Adaptive IT is a multiple award-winning company formed in 2002. Recognised for our work by the Care Sector, we are accelerating the pace of change by championing innovative and emerging technologies and using them to improve care quality and effectiveness. CLB’s Acoustic Monitoring system non-intrusively monitors residents and alerts staff when a concerning noise is detected which enables a swift response to those in need of care. Routine in-room checks are replaced so peacefully sleeping residents are not disturbed.

Anthropos Digital Care Ltd

Anthropos’ goal is to support older people to live safe and well in their own homes for longer. We are helping care providers discover, understand, monitor and act upon changes in the daily routines of older people. This will support the creation of more personalised care plans and provide reassurance to carers and family that their loved one is being looked out for. Our Connected Care Platform is paving the way for the shift towards prediction and prevention in health and social care.


Appello are market leaders in digital telecare services, supporting over 230,000 individuals across the UK. We partner with housing, health, and care providers to support them on their transition from analogue to digital services. With over 30 years’ experience we combine specialist people in the UK’s most innovative Technology Enabled Care monitoring centre, with future-led, cloud hosted, digital technology. Our focus is to deliver safer, happier, and enriched communities through digital technology, people, and innovation.


AutonoMe embeds technology into Learning Disability and Autism Health, Social Care, Employment and SEND pathways. Working across the UK Public Sector AutonoMe supports over 400 people with Learning Disabilities and Autism across more than 10 Local Authorities. With a unique blended approach to supporting outcome delivery AutonoMe is quickly gaining a track record as a high quality, cost-effective support service for the Learning Disability and Autism sector.

Bridgit Care

Bridgit Care is supporting the UKs 6.5 million family carers and their carer support services. Bridgit provide digital tools for carers, technology enabled care, support services and a complete carer marketplace. Bridgits approach to support and empower carers helps local authorities to reduce the strain on stretched health and social care services, and also provides key data and insights to help commissioners. Bridgit are keen to meet fellow TSA-members that would like to include their Technology in their carers platform.

Buddi Limited

Buddi is an integrated products and services company who have been developing ground-breaking assistive technology for the health market since 2005. Designed to promote independence, our range of technology provides market leading and cost effective solutions to health and social care providers involved in the safeguarding of vulnerable people.

Caburn Solutions Ltd

Caburn is a leading provider of Mobile Connectivity/SIMs and associated data and voice packages to a very broad range of companies, including many in the lone-worker, telecare and broader emergency services sector. We provide multi-network capability, ensuring the SIM can utilise national networks, thus avoiding the coverage anomalies of each operator. Our Mission-Critical voice services provide the assurance of real-time traffic/service monitoring and alarms, UK numbers, authorised-number lists and customisable messaging services all delivered over secure and dedicated links.

Cair (UK) Ltd.

We create exciting, smart technology enabled care solutions. Our philosophy is to perfect our products inwardly and outwardly, combined with a genuine care for people and the environment. We produce innovative, interoperable telecare that everyone would want in their homes. Our technology is designed with everyone in mind, and we create solutions that are inclusive and improve quality of life. We aim to make a difference in the lives of everyone who uses our equipment.


Careium is the market leader in technology enabled care across Europe, currently providing around 400,000 people with our services. The majority of these are connected to one of our six response centres in Sweden, Norway, and the UK, where we handle more than 30,000 incoming alarms every day. Our vision is for all our users to live a rich life while feeling confident, secure and cared for. This is why Careium exists.


Cascade3d is an IoT and data analytics company based in Cricklade, Wiltshire. Operating primarily in the healthcare and wellbeing sectors, its customer base spans the UK and includes local government, charities, academic establishments and the private sector. “Cascade3d Connected Care” is Cascade3d’s flagship healthcare platform that integrates smart IoT sensors and Bluetooth medical devices to support elderly and vulnerable people in their own homes.


Chiptech is a privately owned company specialising in the design and manufacture of quality digital telecare and personal safety products to help people maintain their health, independence and safety. Chiptech are leading the Telecare digital shift in the UK with extensive knowledge and with an experienced team that puts our customers at the heart of everything we do.

Chubb Community Care

Chubb Community Care Established providers of Digital Telecare Solutions and supporting services covering Dispersed Alarms, Warden Call & Cloud Based Monitoring Platform provision.

Consortium Procurement

Consortium Procurement is a not-for-profit membership body with a portfolio of over 400 members across the whole of the UK. We have provided public sector bodies with a compliant and trusted procurement route for nearly 30 years. This has led to us collectively saving our members around £10m each year. Consortium Procurement was designed to offer our members a trusted, compliant, fair and straight forward procurement service.

Digital Health Ecosystem Wales

Digital Health Ecosystem Wales brings together industry, clinicians, policy makers, academics, innovators and funders to create an environment of digital innovation in Welsh healthcare. We want to make it easier and faster to adopt digital healthcare technology in Wales.


DLF is a national charity providing impartial information, advice and training about equipment for daily living that enables older and disabled people to live independently. Our services for professionals support staff to develop their knowledge and update their CPD with a suite of training, including the popular Trusted Assessor courses. In 2021, DLF launched its new service, ProAssist. The online tool provides access to our database of products and enables sharing of best practice and supporting evidence around equipment provision.


Enovation provides a suite of monitoring and communication products for health and care, including the UMO monitoring platform. Independent and open, UMO monitors both analogue and digital TEC devices, and is securely cloud hosted. Our new UMO cx, launching in 2022, provides full call centre functionality alongside TEC monitoring, with a 360 degree view of information for clients being monitored. The UMO Partner Programme enables manufacturers of TEC devices to confirm interoperability with UMO: over 300 devices are certified.

Essence SmartCare

Essence SmartCare develop pioneering technology platforms for market-leading healthcare and social care partners. Enabling digital preventive care and emergency alert solutions that allow people to live life to the fullest. Partnering with Essence SmartCare helps position any organisation as progressive, forward-thinking while enabling people to lead more independent and safer lives.


Our technology enables you to offer an enhanced level of care to vulnerable people in their own home - From Virtual visits to medication calls; and from Remote Patient Monitoring to Virtual 'Tuck in' Calls. Seamlessly integrate family care and professional care to help maintain a users' independence whilst living at home. All this through an easy to use platform for busy health and care teams which also includes a large, elderly friendly touchscreen device for the end user.


Everon are providers of unique digital wireless call system offers confidence and reassurance to people in need of support, and their care providers in any supported accommodation setting. By means of intelligent and innovative solutions, we bring safety, health, and wellbeing into the lives of the elderly and vulnerable. The Everon cloud-based Lyra platform offers a wide range of services, utilising Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning delivering a proactive care model.


Here at Felgains, we enable commissioners and caregivers to provide better care. Working as a trusted advisor, we aim to create value, not only by the intrinsic health benefits that our products provide, but also by the operational efficiencies and commercial savings that they offer. We believe that by providing better care through our pioneering product innovation and our exceptional customer support we make a valuable contribution to those both delivering and receiving care. At Felgains, we enable better care.


Howz is a pro-active monitoring service to help older people stay independent for longer. For older people a change in daily routine can signal a change in health and well-being. Howz has developed its own algorithms for the description of daily routine and detection of changes. Howz can access data from many sources including mobiles, tablets, smart meters, smart home sensors, medical and fitness devices. Families and carers can view information and receive notifications received via the Howz app.


The ILC is the UK’s specialist think tank on the impact of longevity on society, and what happens next. We believe society has to adapt now so we can all enjoy the benefits of longevity. We want a society that works for everyone, regardless of their age. We know the numbers. We know the challenges. What happens next will define us for generations.

IRIS-IOT Solutions

Iris IoT are an innovative internet of things company who provide solutions to industries where 24hr monitoring is paramount. We offer a range of products for the the telecare industry from fall detection pendants to room occupancy and air quality monitoring. With the change from analogue systems that are currently in place coming into redundancy in 2025 Iris-IoT are paving the way to make your transition as smooth as possible. Please visit us on stand 33 for more information.

Just Checking

Just Checking is a specialist tech firm that provides digital sensor technology for health and social care professionals, helping them to enhance the quality of social care they deliver to people with dementia, learning disabilities, autism and other complex conditions. The Just Checking system helps care professionals complete objective, evidence-based care needs assessments. Just Roaming is a personalised, real-time monitoring and alert system which allows adults with learning disabilities and autism to live independently and safely within supported living homes.

Legrand Care

Legrand Care specialise in the innovative development of connected technology for the health, housing, and social care sectors. With our knowledge and experience, we are strong leaders in the international market of connected care, offering comprehensive and fully managed digital solutions that allow customers to efficiently deploy improved care services. To support people to live their healthiest and most fulfilling lives they want in the place of their choice.

Medequip Connect

At Medequip Connect we pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop Technology Enabled Care partner. Much more than just a 24/7 Monitoring and Local Response Service; we horizon scan to source the latest innovative assistive technology from around the world and help guide LoWcal Authorities and Housing Associations through the Analogue to Digital Switchover. As part of this, we provide full change management services including, benefits realisation of Data Aggregation and Lifestyle Monitoring Systems, prescriber education programmes and the complete procurement, installation, and maintenance of all equipment.

Medpage Limited T/A Easylink UK

Medpage Limited T/A Easylink UK was established in 1984 and is responsible for creating many of the solutions in use today to aid Social Care through technology. We continue to invent, create, and deliver new technologies to aid independent living.

Mobius Networks

With Mobius Networks you are in safe hands. We are your trusted IoT communications partner, not just a SIM supplier. We offer unrivalled coverage, reliability and support to keep your assets and people safe and secure. Mobius has made it part of its core identity to offer M2M and IoT services for critical communications, which requires a level of attention way beyond traditional voice and data communications. Mission critical ventures must ultimately be resilient and secure with a deep understanding for industry requirements.


Monsenso offers a comprehensive mHealth solution for a range of affective disorders, including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and borderline. Monsenso supports practitioners within multi-disciplinary teams to deliver great mental health service to their citizens Monsenso digital health solution helps optimise the treatment of mental disorders and gives a detailed overview of an individual’s mental health through the collection of outcome, adherence, and behavioural data. It connects individuals, carers and multi-disciplinary teams to enable a coherent and personalised treatment, remote care and early intervention.

National Association of Equipment Providers (NAEP)

We are a unique organisation dedicated to the complex area of equipment provision and championing the appropriate equipment in the right place at the right time. Supporting our Members across the UK in all sectors involved in the provision of community equipment. Our remit and current membership profile covers all equipment and assistive technology clinicians, providers and manufacturers, whether in the community, the acute sector or other associated sectors.

Network Communication Systems Limited

Telecare/Telehealth and Security – Multiple Product Offerings including
Universal Digital Communicator – Allows Analogue Group Telecare Systems to communicate over IP Networks – Low-Cost Upgrade Path (BT Switch Over) compliant
Analogue and Digital (IP) Telecare Systems
Cloud Based Door Entry and Access Control
Maintenance of ALL Types of Telecare and Door Entry/Access Control Systems
Design – Manufacture – Install - Service

NRS Healthcare

NRS Healthcare offers an end-to-end innovative and clinically led TEC services across the UK. We are technologically agnostic, providing the equipment and services we think best meet the needs of our clients. Our full-service approach means you can take control of TECS in your area and drive it to target the areas that fit with your strategic objectives. If you are interested in how we can work with you to transform your TEC service, visit us on Stand 36

Oysta Technology

Tried, tested, and developed in conjunction with service users and Commissioners, Oysta mobile telecare solutions have been supporting independent living for over a decade. Verified to quality and security standards and connected to Oysta’s powerful IntelliCare platform, an Oysta solution provides confidence and independence for VIPs, reassurance and information for carers and powerful and flexible management tools for Care Providers


PacSana are active in the home care sector supporting care givers by providing remote monitoring via our unobtrusive lightweight bracelet. We use technology to provide actionable home care insights to anticipate critical events and extend independent living for older people. Established in 2018 with customers in the UK, Ireland and the US. PacSana - Peace of Mind.


Pivotell have been supplying Adult Social Care since 2002 with automatic pill dispensers and reminders which are highly effective in helping vulnerable adults remember to take their medication. Their use can result in improved health, independence, and quality of life. Medicines compliance can be particularly difficult for those with a complicated pill regime, with non-compliance resulting in unnecessary ill health to the user, and significant additional costs to health and social services.

Possum Limited

In 2021 Possum Ltd celebrated 60 years of being leaders in Assistive Technology (AT). Possum continue to develop and supply bespoke innovative AT solutions across the Telecare, GPS, Dementia, Learning Disability, Epilepsy and Care Home sectors to enhance the lives of our clients.


Developed exclusively by Secure UK Ltd, Beanbag Care is a digital, independent living solution that enables older people to live more independently in their own homes for longer, be that traditional housing, extra care or sheltered living schemes.
Beanbag Care does this by delivering a range of benefits to residents and housing providers that also increase the quality and efficiency of home care by giving care providers real-time, granulated data on customer welfare and satisfaction.

Service Robotics Ltd

Service Robotics Ltd are the developers of GenieConnect®, which is a service platform with a friendly robot interface to enable extended independent living for older adults and younger adults with learning and other disabilities. Genie provides video connectivity between the user, and their care provider and loved ones, and also reminders for medication, hydration, as well as entertainment. GenieConnect® is the perfect platform for the delivery of remote care, enhancing care provider efficiency with demonstrable ROI.

Supra UK t/a The Key Safe Company

Welcome to The Key Safe Company - home to the original police preferred and the UK’s most secure mechanical key safe. Backed by 25 years of industry knowledge, our solutions have been designed with the customers’ needs in mind. We are dedicated to providing the very highest quality access management solutions that both complement and allow the delivery of today’s enhanced care technology. We deliver unbeatable security and peace of mind, empowering people to remain as independent as possible.

T&S Creative Communications

t&s creative communications is proud to be the official marketing partner for the International Technology Enabled Care Conference 2022. Based in Bristol and Soho, we are a friendly, award-winning, creative agency with clients throughout the UK. With a proud history of delivering multi-channel marketing and recruitment solutions in the healthcare industry, we have the in-house expertise to meet any marketing challenge. Whether you need help with branding, strategy, campaign creation, content or media, come and have a chat with the t&s team and find out how you could win a share of 200 hours of #FreeCREATIVE time.

Taking Care

Taking Care, a subsidiary of AXA Health, has been providing technology enabled care services for more than 30 years. Since 2008 alone, we have helped 170,000 people stay safe in their homes, supporting customers and their families across the UK. As a collaborative partner, we ensure Technology Enabled Care (TEC) secures positive outcomes for people, supporting them to live healthy and independent lives whilst reducing the demand on supported services.

TEC Cymru

TEC Cymru is a Welsh Government funded national programme aimed at supporting the journey to technology enabled care in Wales. It does this by focussing on:
• Telecare – remote real-time monitoring to manage the risks associated with independent living.
• Video Consulting – medical care carried out through video conferencing tools, allowing patients to access healthcare online.
• Telehealth – the delivery of healthcare, health education, and health information services via remote technologies.

TeleAlarm Europe GmbH

TeleAlarm is a leading provider of high-quality Assistive Technology products and software solutions for more than 60 years. We offer elderly people and those with disabilities a range of products and intuitive call systems that allow individuals to live safely and securely in their own homes, or in a care home setting. The continuous pursuit for uncompromising quality and customer satisfaction forms the basis for the exceptional performance and high acceptance of our products and solutions in many European countries.


The 247grid is a secure, empowering online costed support planning tool to facilitate true Self Directed Support within Health & Social care.
The Care Act states there must be transparency around how package budgets are calculated and options for people to have more control over how their care and support is delivered.
Designed for:
Social workers to coproduce person centred assessments and reviews
Providers delivering Individual services funds
Citizens holding Direct Payments and Personal Health budgets

Tunstall Healthcare

For 65 years, Tunstall has pioneered technology that enables people, including those with dementia, learning disabilities, physical disabilities and long-term conditions, to live as independently, happily and healthily as they can. We work with social care providers, healthcare services and housing providers globally, helping them to transform services to become more person-centred, preventative and efficient. As technology advances, our solutions don’t just react to events, but can predict and even prevent them using data-driven insights, creating more intelligent and connected support.

Vayyar Care

Vayyar Care is a virtual caregiver in every room, delivering dignity, privacy, and independence to people in all environments. It provides 24/7 fall detection and supports dynamic presence tracking, gathering rich behavioural data on time at rest and bathroom visits. Our sensors also send notifications on imminent bed exits, enabling real-time fall intervention. Unique touchless technology operates without cameras, wearables, cords, buttons or floor mats and is interoperable and integration-ready with any nurse call or social alarm system. Vayyar Care is the key to proactive strategies that mitigate risk, minimise hospitalisations, reduce caregiver workload and unlock person-centred care.

Yorbl Technologies

Yorbl Technologies provide an innovative range of Digitally Enabled TeleCare, Health and Community Living solutions, including Yorbl Lifeline and Yorbl Vita, the world's first App based Digital Telecare solutions, Yorbl Tab, our "Senior Friendly" Android Tablet with integrated Digital Telecare functionality and Yorbl Hub our Digital Community Living Hub offering Digital Warden Call, Digital Door Entry, Video Calling, SMART Home Control along with full Digital Telecare functionality, fully managed services covering Network Infrastructure, Connectivity, Digital Door Entry, Digital Warden Call, Voice and Digital Video security supporting and powering our unique Community Living Digital Ecosystem.


YOURmeds helps you take the right medication at the right time with support from your network of family and friends. YOURmeds increases capacity in the system by putting the user back in charge of their medication, medication visits can be redeployed elsewhere. West Lothian Council saved 6680 visits across 8 users resulting in a saving of £3,376 per user. YOURmeds improves medication adherence rates to over 80% improving health outcomes and increasing independence. Our system also reduces the burden on primary carers reducing carer fatigue

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