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2iC-Care’s award-winning TEC solution, Andi, makes personalised, reactive and preventative care possible. Andi future-proofs TEC services as Andi can speak to any device type, from multiple manufacturers. Device freedom means assessors can choose the right devices for each service user to create better care outcomes and control care budgets. For TEC services, health and environmental information is accessible and actionable within Andi’s easy-to-interpret dashboard, easing decision-making in an emergency and decreasing pressure on care services by reducing false alarms.

Abilia UK Ltd

Abilia have been supporting people with; dementia, learning disabilities, autism, adhd, add, stroke & brain injury rehab across the UK with our range of Cognition solutions. They are designed to enable independence for people who struggle with time perception, starting or planning tasks, memory and problem solving.

Access HSC

Access Health, Support and Care provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that put the individual first, offering a truly joined-up approach to quality care. With the freedom to do more, we support health, care and support providers to improve outcomes and make a real difference to the individual experience and quality of services. Combining traditional reactive alarm functionality with proactive digital monitoring of daily living activities, our digital telecare solution supports preventative and sustainable care delivery in the home.

Acticheck Ltd

Award winning personal wristband covering home and garden. Featuring: • SOS buttons • Fall monitoring • Unique ‘I’m OK’ checks • Continuous activity monitoring • Household temperature warnings • Behaviour change alerts • Self cancellation of false alarms • Remote monitoring, set-up and control through online dashboard. • Mobile apps for cover away from home In the event of an alert the system will call your chosen contacts, or opens a 2-way call with an ARC like traditional telecare – but with the addition of constant proactive and preventative monitoring.

Anya Technology UK Ltd

Anya Technology is a specialist manufacturer of mobile, wireless and fixed telecommunications products for the TEC industry. With specialist knowledge in digital solutions Anya has 10 years experience in product design, development and manufacture. We provide bespoke products to the leaders in healthcare supporting transition to digital care services. We have a range of digital products including dispersed alarm, room and scheme communication systems and various peripherals. Our equipment works across multiple protocols and communication bearers.


Appello are market leaders in digital telecare services, supporting over 300,000 individuals across the UK. We partner with housing, health, and care providers to support them on their transition from analogue to digital services. With over 30 years’ experience we combine specialist people in the UK’s most innovative Technology Enabled Care monitoring centre, with future-led, cloud hosted, digital technology. Our focus is to deliver safer, happier, and enriched communities through digital technology, people, and innovation.


Meet Archangel, a better way for service providers to develop the next generation of person-centred care. By Integrating existing systems and equipment with IoT sensors, Archangel creates a future-proof, ambient-assisted living solution. A holistic overview of individuals' health and wellbeing, as well as their environment, is displayed in Archangel’s user-friendly dashboards. Personalised alerting rules can be built in the platform to deliver predictive and preventative care models If an emergency happens Archangel responds immediately and appropriately, with tailored response plans based on alarm type, technologies, and responder resources - sent as a cascade or broadcast. Archangel, a better way.


ATTENTIVE, is a telecare manufacturer that designs, produces and connects its own innovative solutions for the European telecare market. The LUNA range was developed to provide security and comfort for our elders. The available technologies such as VOIP; GSM; DUAL CONNECTIVITY (VOIP & GSM); guarantee a complete and reliable technical solution to respond to the digitalisation of the UK Market. All our devices can be remotely managed and our dedicated technical support team is at your disposal.

Canary Care Limited

Canary Care is a passive remote activity monitoring system that uses sensors, placed around a property, to gather information about a person’s daily routines. It provides tangible insights to care professionals to inform care pathway decisions and can alert if something unexpected happens. The system detects movement, door activity, temperature, light and humidity levels, and electrical appliance usage. Canary Care is used by over 100 UK local authorities, as well as the NHS and private sector care and housing providers.


We are here to help our users maintain a richer and more independent life using smart technology to provide care and help individuals. Careium is the market leader across Europe, providing 400,000+ people with our products and services. Because we can deliver an end-to-end digital alarm chain, our solutions are cost-effective, quality-assured and tailored to meet individual needs. We promise caring hearts and smart solutions to help the everyday lives of our users. And at Careium we keep our promises.


Cascade3d is an IoT and data analytics company based in Cricklade, Wiltshire. Operating primarily in the healthcare and wellbeing sectors, its customer base spans the UK and includes local government, charities, academic establishments and the private sector. “Cascade3d Connected Care” is Cascade3d’s flagship healthcare platform that integrates smart IoT sensors and Bluetooth medical devices to support elderly and vulnerable people in their own homes.


Chiptech is a privately owned company specialising in the design and manufacture of digital telecare and personal safety products. These products help people to maintain their health, independence, and safety. Chiptech’s digital dispersed alarm, SEVEN has unique dual SIM connectivity, making it the most resilient digital alarm on the market. Chiptech are experts in digital telecare, having led the A2D shift in Australasia. With over 120,000 digital connections in the UK, Chiptech are industry leaders providing resilient and person-centred innovations.

Chubb Community Care

Chubb Community Care are a market leader in the provision of both digital product and services to the UK TEC market.

Consortium Procurement

Consortium Procurement is a not-for-profit membership body with a portfolio of over 400 members across the whole of the UK. We have provided public sector bodies with a compliant and trusted procurement route for nearly 30 years. This has led to us collectively saving our members around £10m each year.  Consortium Procurement was designed to offer our members a trusted, compliant, fair and straight forward procurement service.

De BeleefTV Ltd

De BeleefTV is a large, digital, activity table for elderly people who suffer from dementia and other learning disabilities. De BeleefTV provides access to games, music, speech exercises and videos which have been specially developed to activate the brain, and stimulate social interaction and movement. De BeleefTV has sold over 1500 devices in Western Europe and is a leading company in this area of expertise. We know how to brighten the day of people in care homes!

Develco Products

Develco is forging a reputation for originality and quality with its pioneering white label platform. One unique feature is its truly open and flexible range of gateways, offering the same functionality whether for a Develco product or a third part supplier. We connect the widest range of wireless sensors and detector devices, including radar fall detectors and blue tooth wearables. If your challenge is bringing a solution to market, we provide a fast track, proven partnership.

Enovation UMO

Enovation provides a suite of monitoring and communication products for health and care, including the UMO monitoring platform. Independent and open, UMO monitors both analogue and digital TEC devices, and is securely cloud hosted. Over half a million people in the UK are now monitored by our customers using UMO. Our new UMO cx adds full multi-channel contact centre functionality to TEC monitoring. Come along to Enovation stand 58 to find out more about UMO, and visit Enovation stand 40 to learn about the UMO certified partner programme.

Enovation UMO Certified Partner Programme

Over 300 TEC devices from 200 manufacturers have already been certified through the Enovation partner programme, ensuring high quality interoperability between telecare equipment and the UMO monitoring platform. All manufacturers are welcome to join the programme, enabling them to supply equipment to over 30 UMO monitoring centres in the UK, and many more across Europe. Come along to Enovation stand 40 to find out more about connecting and certifying devices to UMO, and visit Enovation stand 58 to learn about the UMO monitoring platform.

Essence SmartCare

Essence SmartCare develop pioneering technology solutions for innovative health, housing and social care partners. Enabling digital preventive care and emergency alert solutions that allow people to live life to the fullest. Essence SmartCare enables organisations and families to be confident that their dear ones are cared for, while end-users are enabled to maintain their independent lifestyle.


Discover Ethelcare, a comprehensive digital homecare solution that empowers care teams to remotely support vulnerable individuals at home. Our platform includes a user-friendly touchscreen device with features like medication management, vital signs monitoring, and video calling. Ethelcare has proven to reduce social isolation and promote independence, while offering cost savings of up to 50% compared to traditional care models. Visit our stand to learn how Ethelcare can transform your service delivery and enhance the lives of those you care for.


As the European market leader in digital grouped living solutions, Everon has been providing digital solutions since 2007 across Finland, Sweden and introduced into the UK market in 2019. Through significant investment in innovation, our flexible, wireless, open platform provides a personalised, trusted, and sustainable model that enhances life. The solution is ‘plug and play’ and can be quickly configured to suit specific client requirements allowing us to successfully partner with housing, health, and social care providers on their A2D switchover.

Evondos Oy

Evondos Group is Europe's leading provider of automated medication dispensing services. Evondos’ unique service offers significant quality and cost benefits to over 550 professional home care organizations across the Nordics and the Netherlands. The service ensures that home care clients receive the correct medication at the right time and in the appropriate dosage automatically, improving medication management quality and supporting independent living at home. The headquarters of Evondos Group is located in Helsinki, Finland.


Intratone leads the way when it comes to access control solutions for those that need it most. Harnessing the power of the cloud, our systems reduce setup costs and simplify lives. By employing their own existing mobile devices, tenants can enjoy feature-rich access systems or start two-way dialogues with our high-end video-enabled intercoms. Ongoing management takes place remotely, without the stress of unnecessary visits to the site, and Intratone’s vandal-proof equipment is unmatched, with selected models even carrying the much-coveted SBD accreditation.


iotcomms.io is a Swedish company offering a cloud-native platform for real-time alarm, voice, and video communication services. Designed for critical communication, the platform’s Alarmbridge attracts dispersed alarms and warden call system providers. A new service, Alarmbridge Connect, is specifically developed to ensure a working alarm communication service for UK group livings both today and after the PSTN switch-off. Built by experts in telecom, digital and analogue alarm protocols, the iotcomms.io platform provides the communication backend for modern alarm solutions.

IP Door Entry

IP Door Entry are at the forefront of the Smart IP/Digital Door Entry & Access Control revolution. Leading the way with the IPGUARD 4G/GSM Video Door Entry and CLOUD-based access control system. IP Door Entry's expertise extends to the innovative Digital Interactive Noticeboard. Helping clients communicate & engage with tenants & visitors more efficiently & effectively. Utilizing their free to use CLOUD portal, the information is sent in real time & remotely. Display useful information, videos, contacts, weather forecast, surveys & so much more...

IRIS-IOT Solutions

At Iris IOT and Genus Care, we are pioneers of innovative solutions that enhance the quality of life for the elderly and vulnerable adults. The Genus Care Frame represents a breakthrough in assisted living, integrating seven sensors into a single device. These sensors include temperature, humidity, sensors for movement detection. By constantly monitoring these vital aspects of the living environment, the Genus Care Frame provides caregivers with real-time, comprehensive data to ensure the well-being and safety of their loved ones.

Just Checking

Just Checking is an activity monitoring system which helps care professionals complete objective, evidence based care needs assessments of adults with dementia, learning disabilities and autism.

Legrand Care

Legrand Care specialise in the innovative development of connected technology for the health, housing, and social care sectors. With our knowledge and experience, we are strong leaders in the international market of connected care, offering comprehensive and fully managed digital solutions that allow customers to efficiently deploy improved care services. To support people to live their healthiest and most fulfilling lives they want in the place of their choice.

Living Made Easy (Part of Shaw Trust)

A wellbeing service providing impartial and practical advice for independent living, expert training courses for professionals and the largest database in Europe of assistive technology and daily living aids. Our rapid self-assessment tool, AskSARA, promotes independent living and allows local authorities to assist individuals with disabilities in finding solutions to daily challenges.

Medequip Connect

At Medequip Connect we take pride in being a one-stop-shop Technology Enabled Care partner. Medequip Connect provides a full change-management service including benefits-realisation via Data Aggregation and Lifestyle Monitoring, prescriber education programmes and the complete procurement, installation, and maintenance of all equipment. More than simply a 24/7 Monitoring and Local Response Service; we constantly horizon-scan to source the most innovative assistive technology from around the world and help guide Local Authorities and Housing Associations through the Analogue to Digital Switchover.

Minder Limited t/a Mindme

Minder Limited, trading as Mindme, is a family-owned business which has been helping to keep people safe since 2007. Our solutions are mainly targeted towards maintaining independent living for the elderly and for people with dementia or other learning disabilities. We combine digital GPS pendant and wearable devices with our bespoke monitoring platform and UK-based 24/7 response centre cover to offer peace of mind to both the people carrying our devices and their family, friends and carers.

Mobius Networks

With Mobius Networks you are in safe hands. We are your trusted IoT communications partner, not just a SIM supplier. We offer unrivalled coverage, reliability and support to keep your assets and people safe and secure. Mobius has made it part of its core identity to offer M2M and IoT services for critical communications, which requires a level of attention way beyond traditional voice and data communications. Mission critical ventures must ultimately be resilient and secure with a deep understanding for industry requirements.


Nobi believes everyone should grow old safely with dignity. Its star: an AIpowered smart lamp, watching over the safety of older adults with fall detection and prevention at its core. She supports older adults at home, and partners with care staff in assisted living and healthcare centers. They contribute to targeted care and relieve caregivers from repetitive tasks. This way, their time can be spent on tasks that really make a difference to the lives and happiness of older adults.

NRS Healthcare

We work with our customers to transform and deliver effective and comprehensive TECS to help people live independently in their own homes. Our focus is to make TECS provision support your strategic aims, including supporting and improving the outcomes of your major initiatives such as reablement, falls-prevention, avoiding or delaying care home and hospital admissions. We are clinically led, focusing on your outcomes and those of the users and carers who can benefit from having TECS in their home.


PacSana is a Remote Care Platform empowering older adults to live independently in a place of their choice. Our custom wearable captures rich data on • Exercise • Gait speed • Falls • Sleep • Presence People wear the device 24/7, it is waterproof, easy to tolerate, and its battery lasts for 300 days. We are revolutionizing senior care in the in the UK and the US.

Panacea Healthcare

Panacea Healthcare are the exclusive supplier of Vayyar Care and frient sensors in the United Kingdom. We are committed to bringing world-class high-quality technology to the homes and care facilities of the UK. Our mission is to provide families with peace of mind that their homes and loved ones are being protected. At ITEC we will be joined on stand by Anthropos Digital Care, whose Connected Care Platform is helping care providers discover, understand, monitor and act upon changes in the daily routines of older people.

Pandu Solutions

Pandu Solutions is an Ireland-based tech company. We develop and manufacture technology to improve the lives of seniors and vulnerable people living independently. We designed PanPan to make mobile telecare simple and reliable. It offers SOS calls, location and superior fall detection among other features. Our friendly platform integrates easily with CMSs so emergencies can be handled in one place. Our partners, including telecare providers and councils in Ireland and the UK, have chosen PanPan as their go-to mobile solution.


Pivotell have been supplying Adult Social Care since 2002 with automatic pill dispensers and reminders which are highly effective in helping vulnerable adults remember to take their medication. Their use can result in improved health, independence, and quality of life. Medicines compliance can be particularly difficult for those with a complicated pill regime, with non-compliance resulting in unnecessary ill health to the user, and significant additional costs to health and social services.

Possum Limited

In 2021 Possum Ltd celebrated 60 years of being leaders in Assistive Technology (AT). Possum continue to develop and supply bespoke innovative AT solutions across the Telecare, GPS, Dementia, Learning Disability, Epilepsy and Care Home sectors to enhance the lives of our clients.

Secure – Beanbag Care

Developed exclusively by Secure UK Ltd, Beanbag Care is a digital, independent living solution that enables older people to live more independently in their own homes for longer, be that traditional housing, extra care or sheltered living schemes. Beanbag Care does this by delivering a range of benefits to residents and housing providers that also increase the quality and efficiency of home care by giving care providers real-time, granulated data on customer welfare and satisfaction.

Sensio Care Ltd

Sensio is a leading provider of fall prevention, silent nurse call system and social care technologies. We work to solve today's and tomorrow's care challenges for the benefit of both residents, patients, care workers and society.

Sentinel Fire and Security

Sentinel continue to cement their place as a recognised expert in the digital and analogue TECs/Fire product space. Through unparalleled expertise and compassionate delivery, Sentinel take pride in the caring and empathetic approach to their work. With a long-standing pedigree working within the assisted and sheltered living environments, Sentinel are well-versed in the sympathetic approach needed in this space. Working in collaboration with Sentinel Digital Solutions, you can rely on a fully E2E managed solution for your digital needs.

Service Robotics Ltd

GenieConnect® tackle the social care crisis and combats loneliness, enabling older people and adults with learning disabilities in our communities to live independently, feel more connected and with better mental health and wellbeing.

Skyresponse AB

Skyresponse is a 100% true cloud-based SaaS platform offering a seamless and efficient way to receive, handle and manage alarms and events. Our born in the cloud platform is internationally acknowledged and trusted by response centres and solution providers within Care, Smart buildings and Safety. Skyresponse currently has more than 15 channel partners in 8 countries with a previous focus on the Nordic region, but now the focus is more on the UK and Europe.

Social Ability

The Happiness Program pioneers a transformative approach for those facing cognitive challenges. Harnessing interactive light technology, it enhances well-being, reducing falls, minimising PRN medication, and promoting better nutrition. Our unique light projector adapts to various surfaces, fostering engaging activities as limbs interact with the light. Complemented by regular staff training, robust support, Care inspectorate-integrated reporting, and no hefty upfront fees, our mission is clear: elevate society’s happiness through the power of light!


Solon is recognised as the UK’s leading supplier of community safety products. Having worked with an array of councils, housing associations and care providers for almost 30 years, we utilise this customer involvement to deliver market-leading solutions. Our range of technology enabled care helps make a difference to thousands of residents across the UK. Our housing and welfare products are ever-growing, therefore extensive efficient methods are available for vulnerable residents. We will be featuring our most advanced key safe within the Defender range. The Pro-TEC is one of the very few police preferred key safes in the UK and comes at an unbeatable price.

T&S Creative Communications

t&s creative communications is proud to be the Official Design Partners of the ITEC Conference 2024. As a fully integrated, award-winning, creative and content marketing agency, born and thriving in Bristol, our mission is to create multi-channel communications that stand out visually, engage and convert, all delivered with exceptional customer service. Pop by stand 36, say ‘hello’ to the team and chat to us about #FreeCREATIVE; a unique opportunity to win a share of 100 hours of #FreeCREATIVE time.

Taking Care

Taking Care, a subsidiary of AXA Health, has been providing technology enabled care services for more than 30 years. Since 2008 alone, we have helped 170,000 people stay safe in their homes, supporting customers and their families across the UK. As a collaborative partner, we ensure Technology Enabled Care (TEC) secures positive outcomes for people, supporting them to live healthy and independent lives whilst reducing the demand on supported services.

TeleAlarm Europe GmbH

TeleAlarm is a leading provider of high-quality Assistive Technology products and software solutions for more than 65 years. We offer elderly people and those with disabilities a range of products and intuitive call systems that allow individuals to live safely and securely in their own homes, or in a care home setting.

Telecom Design

Established in 2000, Telecom Design Group is a market leader in developing and providing innovative end-to-end IoT solutions in two fast-growing industries - Smart Home Security and Ageing Well. On the telecare market, the company is operating with Vitalbase brand, its product line specialised in the protection and well-being seniors. Vitalbase owes its success to its automatic fall detection technology and flagship product, the Vibby Oak. It's distributed by most telecare manufacturers and operators and sold over 1,000,000 units in Europe.

The Keysafe Company

Welcome to The Key Safe Company - home to the original police preferred key safes, and now the UK’s most secure mechanical key safe, ark Tamo™. Backed by nearly 30 years of industry knowledge, our solutions have been designed with our customers’ needs in mind. We provide high quality access management solutions that both complement and allow the delivery of today’s enhanced care technology. We deliver unbeatable security and peace of mind, empowering people to remain as independent as possible.


Owned and designed by a family carer with 30 years of first hand experience of health and social care, the 247grid is a proven innovative costed support planning software that gives people choice and control over their support, whilst harnessing community assets and assistive technology solutions.. Used by local authorities across the UK to coproduce assessments, , codesign support packages and review effectiveness of support delivery, the 247grid is a resource that every Local Authority needs in their teams toolkit

Tunstall Healthcare

Tunstall has been at the forefront of technology innovation for the health, housing and social care markets for over 65 years. Its pioneering software, hardware and services empower people to live more independently and with an improved quality of life. As technology advances and solutions become increasingly digital, we are working closely with providers, from design to decommissioning and across a range of living environments, to give people greater choice and control about how they live their lives.


Explore the future of care with Vocala and Alexa Smart Properties, deploying fleet-managed Alexa devices at scale. Elevate user experiences for seamless access to information, entertainment, and communication. Our TEC promotes independence, social engagement, and combats loneliness. Unlock efficiency – let Alexa manage announcements, maintenance, and support personalised care through free video calls. Discover the essence of smart living with Vocala, fostering independence and connectivity for an improved quality of life.

Yorbl Technologies

With an ageing population and severe pressures in adult social care/health funding, Yorbl explores how digital technology can relieve those pressures and support older people to age healthily and live independently for longer. Yorbl is producing state-of-the-art SMART solutions that can not only genuinely take full advantage of what both the present and future of Digital Technology can provide but are also attractive and aspirational in design and will both “future-proof” your investment and deliver significantly better ROI.


YOURmeds is a smart medication management system that puts the user back in charge of their medication with support from their network of family and friends. Working with adult social care teams and the NHS we increase independence, reduce primary carer fatigue and increase capacity in the system showing up to a 4 times return on investment. Come and learn how Bridgend Community Pharmacy team are using YOURmeds to change the way medication is managed in the community


The Dutch leaders in technology enabled living. Curating and developing the best technologies to improve outcomes and drive engagement for service users and their carers on an informal or formal basis. With an in-house development team ZINTOUCH deliver logical and accessible services and technologies that our customers want.

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