The Programme

Over the years the International Technology Enabled Care (ITEC) Conference has proved itself to be the leading dedicated TEC event of the year, renowned for delivering a vast array of themed content over the course of the event, the 2024 Conference will be no different.

The theme for the 2024 ITEC Conference is Empowering Peoples Lives: Transforming Futures Through Knowledge, Innovation and Action

ITEC 2024 will give you the answers. Enjoy a packed two-day programme of inspiring speakers, practical workshops, live feedback, networking opportunities and real-life experience.

Find out how to:

  • Co-produce digital services in partnership with the people you support
  • Deliver new models of digital care in housing
  • Use data safely and effectively to personalise care
  • Transition from analogue and harness emerging digital solutions
  • Grow the digital confidence and capability of your workforce
  • Show leaders in health, housing and care the value of TEC

The Three Key Themes For ITEC 2024:

Enabling Personalised Outcomes:

ITEC 2024 is not just a conference but an evolving narrative of how care should be. At its core, proactive
and preventative services will be critically examined. Our mission? Championing “people-powered
partnerships”. By delving into the world of co-production, we’ll unearth strategies and insights, navigating
the intriguing realm of “the art of the possible”. Furthermore, we’ll facilitate in-depth discussions
surrounding business cases, including the TAPPI evaluation framework, and showcase real-world
applications, spotlighting the transformative potential of tech-enabled care solutions.

Harnessing The Power Of Data:

Today, data is the heartbeat of innovation. At ITEC 2024, we’ll delve into its role as a tool for ensuring
quality, safety, and crafting visionary guidance. Expect stimulating workshops and sessions that detail the
symbiosis between people and partnerships, and the art of co-producing transformative data. And amidst
this digital revolution, a tribute to our diligent workforce – the architects of this transformation – will be

Transforming Knowledge Into Action:

Knowledge is powerful, but applying it is revolutionary. ITEC 2024 pledges to bridge that gap. We’ll
illuminate the key enablers, demystify complex evaluation frameworks, and provide hands-on experiences,
ensuring every attendee is equipped to traverse the path from knowledge to actionable strategies.



Full Conference Programme Coming Soon 



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