Discover our Plenary Presenters

Chief Executive of NHS Scotland and Director General for Health and Social Car

Retirement Solutions Director, ENGIE UK

Director of NHS @home

Chief Executive, Care England

Strategic Director, Health and Wellbeing

Care and Health Improvement Adviser Digital

Clinical Lead for Digital Health & Care

Chief Executive, TSA

Co-founder and CEO of ORCHA

Deputy Director of Digital Health at NHSX

Managing Director Delta Wellbeing and TSA Board Director for Wales

Chief Executive, Housing Learning and Improvement Network

Chief Executive of the Digital Health and Care Institute

Head of Radius CONNECT24 and TSA Board Director for Northern Ireland

Head of amica24 and TSA Board Director for England

CEO Bield Housing and TSA Board Director for Scotland

Chief Executive, SCIE

Parliamentary Under- Secretary of State for Innovation at the Department of Health and Social Care

President of TSA and former Care Minister

Chair of TEC Quality

Co-director, The Institute for Health & Strategy

Executive Director of Adult Social Services

Chief Executive of the Third Age Trust

Chief Executive Officer, Shropshire Council

CEO, United Kingdom Homecare Association